We can provide patients with the Simply Straight clear alignment system in Encinitas, California. During your appointment with us, Dr. James Snow can examine your smile and help you determine if aligners are right for you. To learn more about Simply Straight By Snow, we invite you to call Pacific Dental Center today at (760) 436-7222 and schedule an appointment with our dentist.

Compared to other aligners, Simply Straight aligners are crafted to straighten your teeth with comfort and ease. These aligners are cost efficient and involve a dramatically faster treatment process than most regular aligners. During your first appointment, our dentist may take a digital scan of your teeth to form a detailed image of your mouth. This image can then be used to create an aligner custom fitted to your teeth.

As you meet with us on a regular basis, we will continue to provide you with new sets of removable aligners designed to gradually align your smile. We recommend that you meet with us every 8 to 12 weeks to ensure that your teeth are moving into the proper positions.

To learn more about Simply Straight aligners, contact our office today and schedule an appointment! We would love to tell you more.